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Does bulb age matter?

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Marios Alexandrou

Does anyone have any experience with bulbs of different ages? Is getting a 10 year old bulb instead of a 5 year old bulb worth the extra cost? Is the plant going to be twice as big? Have twice the number of traps?


I could be wrong on this because I'm not the most experienced but I think they have to be a certain age before they'll start to flower. I think it's five years but dont quote me on that.
The older the plant the larger it should be and yes I would say its worth the extra cost.
Thanks for the link Emesis. I've decided to not buy any bulbs from PeterPauls. Not so much because of the info you sent, but because I realized I had no choice in the type of venus fly trap bulbs I could buy. They're just listed generically as bulbs. I'm kind of partial to the larger and redder varieties of VFTs.

Marios Alexandrou
Web and Desktop Software Developer

Thanks for linking that... Peterpauls is a nursery I wish would just go away...

And I just want to scream every time someone puts up a link to them! AGGGHHH!

Lesson learned though!

Buy a Petflytrap Flytrap, they grow nice and fast and healthy.