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Does a VFT know when to stop catching bugs?

May 10, 2002
I have my VFG indoors but I guess theres small insects around the window. its the same ones that came with the trap, I hope they didnt lay eggs or anything. Anyways, today I saw 2 bugs in one trap. One poor bug has half his body sticking out and is still trying to get out after 3 hours. The other one is all the way in there still kicking. I notice a bottom trap had trapped a big bug, theres a big dart spot inside.

Im not even feeding it. I know your only suppose to give it about 6 insects a month. Im already at half my quota. These are tiny bugs though. I don't know what they are. They dont fly, but they hop around on the water. They are not mosquitos.

I gota say when I saw those bugs in the traps I was very proud.


Moderator Schmoderator Fluorescent fluorite, Engl
Aug 25, 2001
Richmond, Virginia/Zone 7
Hi SativaKing

I wouldn't worry about bug quotas. :) Remember these plants grow naturally outdoors and catch as many bugs as happen to get into the trap. It may be a lot, it may be a few. My flytraps are outdoors and at any given time, almost every trap has a bug (mostly flies) in it. They also don't have to feed at all.

And just a note, if a bug body part is hanging out of the trap, it might rot the trap as bacteria can get in and cause problems. But again, that happens in nature too.