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Do i need to keep it in a terrerium?

I know this is probably a common question, but here it goes anyways. I live in south Texas, and it gets pretty humid here, but I just want to make sure that its OK to grow my Venus Flytrap outside with no terrerium. Also, how big should I expect it to get? Thanks.
Welcome to the forums!!! I dont know your exact climate conditions, but I would think your plant could grow fine outdoors (maybe with a little afternoon shading). The size really depends on how old it is. I believe the usual trap size is ~1 inch. Plant size: around 4-5 in.

Hope this helps!
you can grow it outside as long as the humidity is higher than 60%
Texas gets pretty mean sun so I would have filtered light all day or full
sun for just part of the day.

Keep the medium constantly wet if you do this.

Be sure to acclimate or 'harden' your plant first, so they don't just shrivel up.
Hi Flytrapfan

Welcome to the boards.
Humidity is not a big issue with flytraps. They can grow indoors or outdoors just fine as long as you don't live in an exceptionally dry area (which you don't).

Heat would be a more pertinent issue. Just watch your pot and make sure it stays wet and doesnt dry out. As long as its not out in broiling hot sun it should be ok. There are Texans here who can specifically address the heat issue.

Personally, I prefer flytraps outdoors as that is what is more natural for them...lots of air circulation, sun, rain and bugs.

Good luck

I agree with Goldslinger. Texas sun is very harsh on VTFs. During the hot part of the summer
the heat from direct sun (except morning sun) for long periods of time stresses the plants too much,
causing the leaves to turn pale and wilt. Growing them in filtered sunlight or bright shade will work
great and even better if you place a white sheet of cardboard or styrofoam directly behind them when
growing in the shade, giving reflected light to the backside of the plant. I'm certainly no expert,
but this is what has worked for me when growing VFTs outside here in North Texas.
Ok, well, the way I have it, it only gets the morning sun, and then shade for the rest of the day, so that shouldnt be a problem. Thanks!