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Dingley's giant

Hey Everyone,

Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera/scanner, but I've been growing this clone for around a year now, and I'm very impressed.

The pictures of this plant online don't really do it justice, and the name is a bit misleading. The plant is young, so I can't speak about trap size. But I've found that this is the fastest growing form in my collection, and I grow:

'Red Dragon'
'Green Dragon'
'Pink Venus'
'Royal Red'

What I've found is so "giant" about this plant is simply the number of leaves this cultivar puts out. My traps are probably little over half an inch long, but it's got around 15 leaves, and more shooting up. The rhizome has split twice in a year already, so I have baby plants too!

I just wanted to give everyone my take on this plant, since there doesn't seem to be too much information about the cultivar online. To my knowledge, it's still unregistered as well.

Like I said, my plant is young, so I can't say how big the traps will be. But what's more impressive is the sheer growth speed. Oh, and you get a deep, blood red trap.

Anyway, does anyone else have similar experience with this cultivar?

sounds like a miracle plant.there are tons of growers in the uk with this plant.i don't have it.I have the bigmouth though.That plant is considered a giant form