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Dialing-in an UHL grow chamber

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I have come into possession of all that I have booked and sought. I only have a few new Neps on my list. The new list includes N. campanulata, lamii, and leonardoi.
Been over a year since your last update. How's it going?
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I have hit the limit with this setup, it's wall to wall packed. I'm exploring a forced cooled tent.

N singalana is flowering following several vine cuts. N glabrata also is regularly in need of a hair cut. Godzilla is out of headroom (the last two pitchers are hitting the ceiling). TM AW 1 and lowii are also becoming unruly. N nigra is starting to vine. I recently cut off a basal and gave away lingulata because it was topped out and undulatifolia is showing some internodal spacing so I'm seening that picking up. Aristo is a little bush.

I recently bought a dumb ac for $140 new and will be making a new setup and keep this one for smaller plants.
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I still don't have lamii, but I do have spec aniphan (Leo if not adjacent) and I have campanulata
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Impressive green thumb!

When I run out of room in my grow space, I'm pretty sure I'm going to use a glycol chiller to cool air during the night. There are a ton of tutorials out there on how to turn a $140 ac unit into one, then attach a pump to one of these (Hydro Innovations Ice Box 6 in). If you aren't keen to build your own glycol chiller, you can buy one for about $700.
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I recently came upon a commercial beverage fridge 30x30x78in that was marked free at a local Chinese restaurant. I drilled and fed a wire through a cord grip for a power strip so I could run some tests on how it controls temps. I am using an autopilot eclipses f90 to cycle the fridge and run the lights timer. A couple days of running and I noticed that the temp was 105F at which point I had to "pull the plug". I removed the power and racked out the refer cartridge from the lower portion. After metering everything (fluke multimeter) and discharging the capacitor I measured the compressor starting cap @ 150mfd which is below the 161-193 mfd printed on the body. I ordered a replacement Monday and got notice that my order was canceled due to that part being obsolete. After browsing the manufacturers catalog, I was able to find a part number that corresponded to the same size, capacitance, voltage, etc ratings and ordered it from the same vendor that canceled the original order 😅 The new part was half the price and I am waiting for it to arrive so I can replace and retest. I'll take this opportunity to move the drivers (of the yescom lights) and the power strip out but will have to do splices to run through the cable gland. This should lessen the heat load on the unit as they run hot. I'll also be adding some pc fans to gets some flow going. I'll keep you guys posted 🙂



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