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Di- ro filter

  • Thread starter MICKEY
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Lot of bang for the buck Mickey, I would recommend you upgrade it at some point with a permeate pump

it will extend the life of your prefilters/membrane and DI beads... plus decrease your recovery time and increase efficiency

lots of threads on them already, but if i can help just hollar

then it would be more or less the same system ive run since 2006 and only on second membrane

be sure to remount the DI chamber vertically, otherwise it will "channel" and bypass the beads very shortly
(beads shrink with use)
I have one. It came installed in my apartment believe it or not! It used to be the managers place and he didn't bother ripping it out of the sink when he moved :D It works great in my opinion. I needed to change the filter once while I've lived here since october and I'm not sure how many times, if ever it was change before that. I'm going to need to start saving up or come up with another solution when my lease ends this summer ??? :blush: The only problem is that it runs out of steam when you need to fill up a large container like my humidifier's reservoir. I tend to fill it up gradually throughout the day so I have it when I need it.
at east_to_west sounds like it needs a tune up of a blow out. first change your filter and then go from there. local RO companies and plumbers are out there that service this equipment. Its not all about the filter either it may need other components. Because you should be able to fill a five gallon bucket no problem if it the sink installed unit with a silver nozzle and little black push handle.