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Deliberate misinfromation?

I was reading a certain other website, which I will not name, and... a poster there, claiming to have experience growing nepenthes, is now telling new users that nepenthes have wet and dry seasons, and that they shouldn't be watered during the winter. Anyway, I think this falls way beyond an honest mistake. Anyway, it is a shame that so many newbies go there, it has gotten ridiculous.

Sorry about the rant, just venting, and leaving their forum, permanently (like everyone else seems to have already done). I'm glad this forum doesn't atract posters like that.
Is this the post from Pitcherplant Lord?
Yeahhh....I think I read that one! One of the other guys REALLY stuck it to him for that (If that's the one you're talking about).
"...I'm glad this forum doesn't atract posters like that. ..."

only people with football sized Nepenthes rajah pitchers bought for 25 $ in the supermarket next door ;-)))

Everyone who is really interested in growing Nepenthes should use one of the search engines and will get tons of excellent information !
I bought my first Nepenthes some years ago (the pre-internet-aera) and my knowledge was mostly, that it is "tropical" and "carnivorous".
This plant (N. maxima) is still alive :)