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Deformed leaves?

Hi, I have a unknown nep hybrid from gublers. It has pure green pitchers and it is gettting deformed leaves on it and the pitchers are looking smallish. It is about four" away from 2 40 watt fs t-12 tubes and gets constant humidty of 90 and temps of 75-80 day and 70-75 at night. Are any of these conditions what's causing the problem. I water it from the top adn it is a pot that's seems big enough for it. Any advice is great. Shauntell
If it is possibly a Judith Finn or other highland hybrid (I don't know what hybrids they sell) it is telling you that it wants cooler conditions at night. I have several J Finn hybrids from one of those greenhouse CP supliers who sells unknown/unlabeled hybrids and mine would make weird spots and deformed "kinked" leaves and small pitchers. Once I put it into a highland chamber it doubled both pitcher and leaf size and the leaf color got darker. It gets night temps from 50-60*F. I don't know that not giving it cool temps will kill yours totally but the plant will not be at it's best.

Other than that look for insect damage and aphids (they cause deformed leaves) but I'm willing to bet that your plant probably just wants chilly nights.
OK, first, Gublers has no idea what goes into their hybrids.. so it is truly unidentified...
pretty though!

Second, I would move it a little further away from those lamps... they COULD be what is causing the deformity...

increasing the humidity could be a solution, but I have one of these plants sitting on my windowsill, after a few months of hardening off, it is now producing pitchers in my living room.

(Along side a ventricosa&#33
I've had it for about 2 or 3 monthes. I will try moving it away from the lamp first because I've got other plants in there that appreciate the temps. I'll increase the humidity too. The other plants won't mind that at all. Then I'll try making a whole new setup for it.
Does highlands appreciate a good humidity drop at night? I could just put it in my window sill at night for a temp drop.

Thank you all so much for the advice. Shauntell
Highlands plants are all humidity mongers, meaning, the love it, and hate to be without it, pretty much without exception.

I have had both of the two hybrids that gublers puts out (the two that I know of any how) and I think they are most definately lowlands, at the very least, intermediates.

I have approximately 40 to 60% humidity in my house, and my nepenthes from gublers pitchers in that range occasionally... right now, I think the humidity is a little low in it's where abouts...

(something I am working on changing.)
ok with all this highland hybrid talk. i keep judith,mixa supera,velvet,thorellii x witterii all in the back yard under shade with temp. in the 80-90 day and 80-85 at night and they all seem to do fine. i did move thorellii x witterii back to the front porch it liked it there better for some reason
Hey GeorgeCp what is your humidity like?

It's nice to hear that they are most likely lowlanders. I don't think I could provide the right conditions for a highlander at this point and I would hate to have to get rid of it.

The humidity is way higher then that so I don't think that could be the problem. The last leaf wasn't deformed but it didn't form a pitcher at all. Just this little wierd sprout thing. The leaf is darker then the rest of them. It has a new spout now so I'll have to see if this one comes out deformed and no pitcher.
Thanks again. Shauntell
well the humidity right now is 73% and i have seen it go as high as 85%. the temp right now is 73degrees but, i have seen it get as hot as 93degrees in the back yard but, i also have a tarp blocking the after noon sun. so it doesn't beat directy down on them.