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Defected leaves, bumpy and stunted growth

Well Ive noticed 2 leaves have sprouted out of my VFT.

One is normal size with a small trap (wont be mature i dont think) but the leave is VERY VERY VERY bumpy. It looks like it absorbed minerals and through them into the leaf. (not really) It really looks like sand grew into the leaf but of course my pot is just moss only. I have another one that grew, except after a month its only about 1-2 cm long (leaf and trap)

are these any signs of something or just defected leafs? I thought it was odd that they felt like sandpaper and looked like 10 grit sandpaper
Wierd. I don't know about grit, but your plant probubly is tired out and needs a nap in the frig.
I think that it is just a deformed leaf, and I would wait to see a couple more leaves form and see what they look like.

What is your setup? How are you caring for the plant.

Dormancy is not the answer just because we are at that time....It is still Fall and we have a few months to go before winter is here.

Add to that, if the plants were just 'made' ( via tissue culture ) you can skip a year for dormancy..

Actually regardless of that, many people will skip a year, but you shouldn't go more than 2 years without a dormant period.
Um, this is its first year so no dormancy... nearly killed it too so right now its like spring for it (finally recovered)

and ya... um its in a 4" inch pot... and i just give it lamp light for say 8 am till 10pm. It shows no sign of burnt or being worn out from it. I give it salt free, mineral free all that good stuff distilled water. I guess what Im asking is what should I do with those defected leafs? Leave them? what If I get more?
I would leave the leafs on the plant...they may be bumpy, but they will still help the plant

I was thinking that they could be 'spring leaves'...those short, fat leaves...

If you just bought the plant, there is a chance that it is fesh out of culture and could 'think' it is spring
( don't ask

What type of light are you using for the plant?

If you have recently harmed the plant, it may just be still recovering from the effects of whatever you did.

I wouldn't worry, don't take off the leaves and see what happens.

What to do if there are more? Not sure.
I think the important thing is that the plant is growing and is not dying!

Like I mentioned above, the plant may be still in a spring mode, and is therefore producing traps to reflect that.