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Deal? Do I buy???

The prices look kinda funny.... I'll copy and paste the relevant part of the email i recieved back...

Ok - no I don't have any Helis but do have some species seedlings of Nepenthes. I was asking where you are 'cause I don't ship to the US. Right now I've got gracilis, rafflesiana, sanguinea and some REALLY small burbidgeae. They &#3615 each (burbidgeae is five-ten tiny ones) plus &#366 postage and packing.

From that, can you tell me if any of those sound like a "deal" or a complete RIP?

Thanks alot!
I don't really understand what you posted, but if you can get more than one N Burbidgae seedling for &#3615, that is a steal!!!! Do you think that you could get one for me? I'd pay you back...really :biggrin:

I would get a definition of "seedling" first. If they are talking about just germinated seeds then you may be in for a big challenge in terms of growing them as I believe the first couple years can be difficult.

I emailed him back and he said that seedling meant 2-3" across... I'll check for the burbamabobit... forget what its called... Hehehe...

sure, if i buy it i'll send you one.
&#3615 is a bit pricey for seedlings of rafflesiana, gracilis, and sanguinea. You should be able to get them about about &#369or &#3610.

He said the burbasomthings are about the size of a quarter but i'll get about ten...
Rafflesiana = already available here, cheaper!!!
Gracilis = supposedly coming soon on this site.

Like mindmaze, I didn't understand the first post you made. Now I realize that the 2nd paragraph was what the seller told you. I notice you usually seperate what you're saying by putting "..." after each sentence and you only did it twice this time! Should've put quotes as well.

I thought you were asking if the plants you're selling are a good deal!
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I'm sorry for the confusion...

Um, I live in Canada, so I cant get them from this site... I'm recieving a raff in the mail (a youth, not seedling, adult or senior)... ^_^
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Parasuco.....GET THE BURGIDGEAE!!!!! 10 seedlings for &#3615 is a very good deal. :biggrin: