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Dead Dead Dead! HELP!

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Someone Please Help me, my fly trap is dying, there are no green traps left but one. I keep my plant very watered, in fact the moss it is in is ussually constantly damp. Is that too much water? it sits in about 1/2 - 1 inch of water. Also it has been hot around here, we run the air conditioning, but not at night, during the day my room measures around 70-80 degrees, which is warm but not hot, at night who knows, 80-90 some times.... Should i stick in the refrigerator to heal? i have one green trap that is witherd, I noticed it browning two day ago, i gave it fresh water and set it in the sun. with it getting worse i took it out of the sun thinking it was baking, cooled the water and let sit on my desk, today i came home from work and it was almost dead, HELP ME SAVE IT!!!
Im not expert but there is 2 things I could see being a problem.

1. What kind of Water do you give it? Distilled is the best to use. Tap water can kill them though depending what your city water is like.

2. Lack of Humidity. Even though your house might be 80 degrees AC's take the Humidity out of the air.

Has it been touched alot? Also feeding it people food is bad.
Do you have a container over it? It could be getting fried.
Deffinately do not put it in the fridge
Usually just a half an inch to an inch of water in the tray and every once in awhile let it run real low not dry though sounds like youre doing that though...so never mind
Is it getting enough air circulation and lighting? and are you using the right water?
i bet he is not using distilled water.
Are you misting it
If it used to be under a plastic dome or sumthing, or if you just bought it from a humid green house, the shock of going into a really dry home like yours may be too much of a shock... Is it turning black, and crappy, or is just shrivelling up like tissue paper? If it is doing the later is probably the humidity... I know that if its in major shock like that, and you close a few of the traps, it really does it a lot of harm... Bad combination...