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Darcie's sundew photos

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Neps, Neps, Neps.........
Thanks!  Okay experts, what do you think I've got here? (aside from color loss)

Upper left circling around we have

A: Very pink, white and mint green mottled, it's skinny and tall and the glands don't have color.

B:  This is actually two more plants like A, but these ones are even more wirey.

C:  Thick and low to the ground, this guy usually has red glands

D:  Just like C but also has some pink in the body

E:  A little smaller then C and has no color to it's glands.

I have been informed by the person who sent me the seed that these plants max out at 2 inches in diameter.
Sorry, there is not enough detail even to take a guess. Wait until they get some character to their form and shoot them again.
Okay, Thanks. I'll just keep babying them and hoping they grow faster.