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Dang worm!


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The computer system at work apparently has the Blaster worm. My computer shuts down every 5 minutes. Aarrrrgggghh! So no work getting done today.

Anyone else infected?

You'd think a large corporation like this one would have it fixed by now.

Stupid ol' PCs....

hehe I didn't have a worm, but my cable internet was really horrible yesterday night. It lagged and sometimes turns off. I'll be surfing the web and then it won't work, It irrated me so badly.
The compters in my lab have it. There is supposed to be a patch for it somewhere and it seems that only ME and XP is vulnerable.
I have it too.....really lousy
So much for Norton antivirus...it didn't help
I must be quick! Only have a minute before I'm down! lol I just wonder why our company can't get the darn patch if its available. I know it must be harder for a large network but....geeezzzz. I haven't been able to work alllll day!

Who are the jerks that do this kinda thing!!?

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1....i'm gone! <poof!>

Just got to the Microsoft webpage and download the patch yourself. It has to be done on a computer by computer basis anyways (at least according to our IT guy it does.)
I just got email from Norton that gives the whole skinny on the blaster worm. If any of you want it I can paste it here.
ME is not affected by it according to NAV.
Lauderdale, Could you you paste it?  I'd like to take it to work and show the boss.  We can't stay on the internet long enough to check the e-mails
.  Seems they haven't bothered to update NAV or XP patches since we got the computers last year.  They do complain though, about how irratating the NAV update reminder is 'cause it pops up every day
.  I did a manual delete of the file, but it reinstalls itself after about 5 to 10 minutes if your on the internet.

Ahhhh!  The joys of owning a computer
i had the same problem yesterday as well , i though i just brought a cheap old new comptuers , guess i don't have to get this comp fixed after all since its gone today , the stupid thing about it is that it has a countdown thing
, 5 4 3 2 1 then the comp shuts down , how annyoing . but its good to be able to use the itnernet today with no problems , oh no ,

5 4 3 2 1 , bye bye

just kiddin , The joys of going to this website tio talk about these things
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McAfee handled it fine. Yeah.
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I got it yesterday. Did not know it was a virus. My computer kept shutting down when I got on the internet. Found the RPC file it infected and disabled it. I was able to then stay on line, not all the functions worked on my computer though.

Downloaded the remove tool and patch earlier today. All is well now.
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According to information I heard the patch from Microsoft was only put out a couple months ago. So if your Windows is older than that then it probably has the flaw.
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I did not see a download for ME on Microsoft webpage? So I am guessing that ME is in the clear as Lauderdale said.
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Oh yeah, & on Saturday this worm has even more planned, so watch out!
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Hello everyone,

Today's newspaper says that the versions of Windows OS that are vulnerable to the worm are:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows NT
Server 2003

According to a computer expert, most of the problems could have been avoided had MS Windows users updated their Microsoft critical updates by clicking on the "Windows Update" feature from the Start button and updating their virus DAT files from whichever anti-virus software websites that they are using.

There are too many quacks out there who have nothing better to do than to mess up other peoples computer systems causing great damage just because they "can", or for whatever other reasons.

I am using Windows 98SE and so far have had no problems. My mom is using Windows ME and so far hasn't had any problems.

I understand that there are two fixes for the worm. One is to get the patch from MS and the other is to go to the Norton or McAfee website and download the second fix from there.

Good luck.
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Yea, I have gotten the worm to, MS Blaster Worm, but my norton detected it immediately, I couldn't repair the file, but I was able to quaritine it for now.
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Lucky for me I have Windows 1998, lol, im still stuck in the past......