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nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey everyone should the seeds of D.Spathulata look lik pepper sprinkled on a paper plate??? I took apart the dried flowers and that is what came out. Is that them? I assume it is. Also how can I store these until the rest of the flowers dry up so I collect the rest of the seeds??? Also what soil should D.Spathulata be sown on? Thanks! Nep.G.
Thank Ya kindly! But HOW can I store them until the rest of the seeds are ripe?
You can try the fridge. I don't think a couple of weeks make that much difference for this species. Then again, my plant died shortly after arriving.
Seeds will keep at room temperature for awhile, but long term storage should be in the fridge. Spatulata is sown on 5050 sand/peat, and these seeds do not require stratification.
So put them in the fridge DRY in a paper envelope?
yes sir

if you put em on wet they may sprout i think =/
I leave the seed in a paper envelope for a week or so at room temp. to help the ripening process, then put the paper envelope in a plastic ziplock. Paper will absorb moisture in the fridge, and the aim is for cool and dry for best storage.
Thank Y'all! I'll do that later tonight. And 1 more thing. It won't hurt them being at room temp. for week like Tamlin said will it? Just making sure. I want these guys to live! ALSO, do the seeds resemble black ground pepper?

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sure the seeds will last in room temp (not too high like the 90's F though) for about a week. Keep cool when storing. yup, ground pepper it looks! lol