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D.spathulata..wierd growth happening!

i got a D.spathulata from a local garden center (should i say, i saved it lol..cp's dont survive long at garden centers from my experience!). anyways, i had the little dude for like 2 years. recently, like 3 months ago, another plant came out of the middle of the original plant. how did that happen? also, before that, my plant use ta be so dewy..now the leaves are dry. i placed a cover for it about 4 days ago and waiting for dew. any idea of the wierd plant popping up?
What does the new plant look like?? Maybe its just a weed seed that got into the soil?

go to the user galler and look at my spath, is that what your talking about?

If so, it's just natural multiplication of the plant.

My gut guess on the 'not as dewey' is that the two plants are competing for moisture maybe? If you think you can, then try gently dividing them, I would favor the old plant if you think one if going to be harmed...

Many times a younger plant will be more vigorous than it's parent, sucking energy up at the older plants expense, I believe tomato growers call them 'suckers' or something...

Any how.. my two cents, but ya know, I have not had the best of luck with sundews, this spath is the first one I have had live for any amount of time, and my binata are not growing as fast as my spaths, I don't know what's up with that, maybe it's just differences in species, who knows... they are like, 3 inches apart...

Any how... there ya go...