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D. slackii

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
I can';t belive my eyes. D. slackii frozen sollid and it reincarnated itself this spring and look what it brought forth to my humble greenhouse atmosphere!

congratulations dustin! Now all you have to do is take the bigger one out of the pot and ship it to me
were those I sent awhile back? Looking great! My lil slackii is doing happily right now, finally lol
Yup Zach that was your ig one, after being frozen,thawed and dryed out it lives with 3 rossettes!
well I believe slackii is a mountain dwelling species, which may explain the hardiness
yes gardenofeden, I found out it likes cool temperatures after it was doing quite bad in a 90F and higher lowland nepenthes tank.