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D. rotundifolia, D. anglica


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Hey, They are sprouting, but not only that, they are doing it in great numbers, even after an accidental freeze. They are from alaska, so does that enforce the idea that it may depend on the plants origin as to how hardy they are? I had heard that it was not good to let the seeds freeze if they were already sown, and wet. Maybe I just got lucky this time. I wonder if the resulults would have been the same had they been from a more southerly region? What do you think...

I was just wondering, how long did it take for your d. rotundifolia to sprout, cause i started germination a month ago. Also, could you tell how you kept them like if you had a cover or if they were in a tray of water.
Hi, at the begining, around thanksgiving, I had them out side, until they froze. Then I kept them in my refigerator until around Dec. 15. They had a tay full of water at the begining of stratification, but it dried up & I havent re filled it yet. They were covered in saran-wrap. They took about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after stratificatioin to germinate.  

ok, are you supposed to take them out of the fridge and then just leave them to sprout at room temp. or are they supose to sprout in the fridge?
I took mine out, and put them on a south facing windowsill.

Yup, after about 3 weeks, they sprouted.

allright, thanks!!!! i was starting to worry about those seeds
Cole, is the seed you're speaking of that seed that I sent you?
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Yup, it sure was
! & how are the seeds I sent doing for ya?

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I have the Irish form of D.rotundifolia growing outside here in Ireland, the seed will even germinate right after the seed ripens in the autumn, the flower stack falls over and the seed germinates in the pods. Of course even more germinates the next spring, my bog garden has lots of D. rotundifolia and D. intermedia (I think) and they are very easy to grow and flower and reproduce. I have some D. rotundofolia seed in the fridge if anyone wants some, its kind of old though. I'm going to collect some more this year.

I don't have any D. anglica although that's native here too, I've never seen it.

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If the seed has been in the frige, it should be fine for a long time.

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How long did you keep the seeds in the fridge?