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D. regia seedling problem

I have two D. regia seeds germinate on separate occasions. However, the seedlings dies after three or four days. I am not quite sure what is happening and hope that maybe someone in the forum could advise me on this.

The seeds germinate on a 1:1 peat/sand mix. The plastic pot (3") is not sitting in water, but I mist the seeds with RO water everyday until water drips out from the drainage holes. I cover the pot with a plastic cup to maintain humidity. Although there is not much air circulation, fungus is not a problem (I use Captan).

BTW, I am in Singapore (hot humid climate). Could the temperature be the problem (ca. 29ºC to 35ºC daily) since D. regia is a south African plant?
Well, wiht my seedling drosera, an excessive amount of heat and humidty can really kill them off, with the growth of fungus and 'damp off'. To reduce this, you may be able to stop misting the plants and just let it sit on a windowsill. Ample amounts of light should be given also.
Ah...That must be the problem. Humidity too high. I cannot do anything about the heat. It is always so hot here at the equator. Thank you very much, cephalotus88.
I'm not sure about seedlings...But I've read that Regia enjoy their soil to dry slightly before watering again..I would guess with seedlings....Never let them dry just wait till their damp to water again...I'll find that site....The guy's been growing D.Regia from seed for 7+ years...
Thanks everybody for the information. It appears that the tropics is not the place to grow D. regia.

What you need is some D. petiolaris complex seeds or tropical droseras.They will most likely enjoy the Singaporean hot weather.

Yes, that is what I thought too. However, the seeds of three species that I have purchased have not even geminated after two months!
I grow mine as an undrained semi aquatic in live sphagnum. I have always lost plants previously using the "excellent drainage, allow them to dry slightly" protocol given by some growers. Now my plant (which was started from a leaf cutting) has 9 inch leaves and never a bit of problem, it grows like D. capensis (I know that is a problem species in Singapore as well&#33
. It likes cool conditions. Seedlings are notorious for dying off for just about everyone.
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Hi guqin,

I've lost two regia seeds to damp-off. One had fungus growing on it. The other just rotted.

Now, I have the third one on the live sphagnum you gave me...hehe, it's quite a miracle portion, not potion.

It's still growing despite having lost a bit of its end to fungus...I'm hopeful and keep an eye on it everyday.  
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I had about 7 regia seeds germinate for me here in S'pore. Now I have only 4 left. The pot is also infested with algae/slime. However, one has started to grow carnivorous leaves, ie. with some dew on it. Shld I repot them now?
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Hmmm... I'm no expert, but I thought I remembered hearing that D. Regia didn't like repotting...

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I'm no expert with this species either, but Pinguiculaman routinely dumps his plants out and trims the roots for new plant material. He does this monthly and has some 90 plants or so now. I think the idea is to be gentle in the process.
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My D. petiolaris complex seeds germinated after about 6 months. I dont know if that is normal but hang in there Guqin, they may sprout sooner or later.

I also just had some D.Regia seed sprout. As I have really wanted to get a D.Regia for some time ( no one sells them in Canada but if any one will ship me an established cutting or small plant I would gladly pay). My plan of attack is that I have a couple seedlings in my Drosera terrarium a couple in my Nep tank and a couple in one of those mini seed starter terrariums. I figure one of these is going to have to work out lol

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I will try the 'keep relatively dry' method since the 'keep moist/wet' method does not seem to be working. Will keep you all informed if anything survives.
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I have gotten petiolaris dews to germinate quickly using bottom heat. Paradoxa is the easiest to grow sp.
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Yes, D. paradoxa appears to grow quite well for me too. Drosera petiolaris is however, quite tricky.