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D. nitdula x pulchella

I got some exciting news!!! My D. Nitdula x Pulchella is about to flower. Can't wait!!!

Here's a pic of it:

Sorry about the blurry pic.
Right on!  Here's a pic of my nitdula x pulchella I took this spring.  Right now, its in my kitchen windowsill that basks in the hot afternoon sun (in dormancy).  As a side note, my 3 pygmies only need a small amount of water in their tray for a few hours a week and they maintain all their dew, even though the soil is bone dry!  Amazing roots... extend all the way down to the bottom of the pot for such small plants!  

My plant has been flowering for about a month now. I have finally been able to get a picture of the flower fully open.


You can see greater detail on this photo which is much larger than the above photo.