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Hello to all,

    Seeds of the magnificent D.meristocaulis as well as other S.American Drosera, Utrics, Genlisea & Heliamphora are now available for sale from two sources. Other than having the chance to grow these incredible plants, you will also be contributing directly to help pay for the immense costs of the expedition -- which has already added important tidbits of scientific knowledge and will yet produce much more.

     For those of you interested, please write to:

Allen Lowrie
6 Glenn Place
Duncraig 6023
Western Australia

FAX: 61-8-92469335

     And ask him for a seed list. All seed packs of plants from this trip are offered by him for US$6 (AUS$8) each except for D.meristocaulis which is US$12 (AUS$$16) plus pack & post (AUS$10 for Australia, AUS$20 for overseas regardless of size).


    You can order seeds by sending an e-mail to Matt at sundew@hotmail.com with subject "Neblina Seed" (see message below).

     Good luck to all and I hope to see healthy plants in cultivation soon!!!


Hi friends,

I have some REALLY exciting news.

D.meristocaulis! hirticalyx, roraimae, Heliamphora, Genlisea & Utricularia = New South American Seed Available!

After many years, Drosera meristocaulis, probably the most interesting and desirable Drosera ever, has been rediscovered and I've got seed available along with other new stuff - please see below.


I'm extremely happy to announce that I have a small quantity of seed of some more plants never before seen in cultivation. I'm in the US but this offer is open to CPers is ANY country, as long as seed imports don't require any paperwork.

Seed includes some of the following species, some from multiple locations - it's amazing how plants of the same species found on different mountains can be so different! For example, check out the pics of D.roraimae. All of this stuff is obviously extremely rare and took an unbelievably large amount  of money to acquire. The prices will be relatively high due to these costs, but I certainly feel they're fair.

This is probably the most interesting and beautiful Drosera known to science)









=Genlisea repens

=Genlisea roraimensis


=Utricularia alpina
=Utricularia amethystina
=Utricularia sandwithii
=Utricularia trichophylla

These photos were taken by CP explorer, Fernando Rivadavia and are being used with permission. Please don't link to or copy them without permission.

*SOME* of this seed is now available for a very limited time so please contact me immediately if you're interested. I'll accept rare material or set donations (TBA) in exchange. A large percentage of donations will go right back to an excellent cause - helping to fund the acquisition of more new material for us all to grow. Heck, donations may have to help pay outstanding bills from this expedition!

Please email me with subject "Neblina Seed" at sundew@hotmail.com for full details and make sure to check your spam folders in case my reply gets filtered out of your inbox!

Spread the word - these gorgeous and rare plants deserve to be in every collection!
Is it possible to know the elevation/temps for each seed?
I dont want to buy seed of a plant i wont be able to grow here.
Hi Sebas,

They're all highland plants, with not much variation in temperatures. Basically 10-20C at night and 15-25C during the day.

Fernando Rivadavia