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D. Lake Badgerup not "dewing"

Well everyone, you seem to be very helpful... So:
In my terrarium every sundew except my 'Lake badgerup' are producing dew, could it be because it's flowering? But my D. intermedia 'Cuba' is also flowering, but is producing copious dew...
The humidity is about 67%-72%, and temp 72*F-79*F. Any suggestions?

My spatulatas produced a lot of dew, but when one of them were flowering the dew did seem to lessen. The flowering takes some energy so I would assume that is why there is little or no dew. After I collected a few seeds from it and cut the stalk, it seemed to produce a LoT of dew the next day (of course with the appropriate humidity). So I wouldn't worry too much
This seems to be normal for pygmies. By the time mine have finshed flowering they often only have one or two tiny leaves. If your plants are looking really desparate, you may want to cut the flower stalks.
Thanks, you don't usually obtain seed, right?
hmm i think it may be easier to just plant the gemmae that form