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D.intermedia sending up many flower stalks

My 2 d.intermedias is sending up something like 5 flower stalks between them. While I'm happy about that, I'm concerned if letting all 5 flower will exhaust the plant and/or kill it?

I've lost one Ping (I think) and am close to losing one Sarr so I'm being extra careful here
If you don't want seed, cut them off. I have had a few plants of D. intermedia 'Cuba' that have almost flowered themselves to death. They kept sending up flower stalks and the plants got smaller and smaller with each stalk.

If you are worried about your D. intermedia, you can take some leaf cuttings just in case the parent plant dies. I took some leaf cuttings about a month ago and have 6 plantlets, two on each of the three leaves I used. D. intermedia reproduces readily from leaf cuttings. I have had plants die in the past that came back from where the leaves had touched the soil.

Hmm... I would want the seeds since the last harvest didn't produce many seedlings. Now, prob less than 10 seedlings survived from the 100-odd seeds I planted. I guess I'll make more leaf cuttings, tho the ones that I've seem to be quite slow growing. How long, roughly, does it take for a D.intermedia leaf cutting to mature?