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D. hartmeyerorum

Hey guys, it's been a long time...i'm not really back, just kind of visiting.
Soon though. Anyway, i'm looking for one specific Drosera.

Anyone grow D. hartmeyerorum? I'm sure I can find something you'd like if you have an extra, heck, even seed would be fine. Let me know.

This plant supposedly only does well starting from seeds. My seeds haven't germinated yet, so I can't vouch for anything.
I *think* I have some seeds in the fridge. I'll check tonight. I was able to germinate a couple so I know they're viable.
All my seedlings have died. I give up on this species.

I hear you: I had the same results with my seedlings. My success with D. indica is likewise pretty sad. I tend to think the plants are exceptionally prone to fungal attack of the 3 small roots the plants produce. If you do try again, try sterilizing your medium before use. If I ever get seed again of this species that will be my game plan. Don't give up though! Sooner or later we will get it, but must keep trying!
I'm on my second generation of this species at the moment. It likes a fairly dry, sandy medium and lots of heat. It grows moderately well in my Petiolaris tank.

Let me know what you have to trade.

Hey Vertigo,

Your mailbox is full. Anyway, I do have a small amount of seed if you're interested. But if I were you, I'd trade with Forbes

I hope it wasn't due to the protein powder!

Don't give up, get even. Get one to grow, then you feed it to another plant.
Show it who's boss!
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Emesis, no, it wasn't the protein powder. Since Ivan mentioned that they don't like high humidity, I took the plastic wrap off, I think that's what killed it. I didn't have protein powder, so I tried some Epiphyte's Delight. But I guess the low humidity killed them off before they could absorb any of the nutrients. The first time I grew these, I used sphagnum/peat and they grew fast. They got to about 2-3 inches tall, winter came and they died. This time I sowed them on peat/sand and they grew terribly. Never grew to more than 1/4 of an inch
If I ever try again, I'm going back to a peat/perlite mix.
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Hi all,

I have never grown D. hartmeyerorum before, but I have grown the closely related D. indica successfully for many years. D. indica grows well for me when I treat it like a summer annual. I germinate the seeds in late spring on a 50:50 peat and pumice sand mix and they take off as the summer warms and by mid summer are in flower and setting seeds. I have tried to keep them more than a year, but now don't see the need. They grow to about 50+cm this way, before the cooler temperatures stop their growth. The soil mix seems to me to be secondary to providing the plants with warmth and good air circulation. My plants grow outside in a greenhouse.

Kind regards from New Zealand
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What a coincidence. I read this post on Friday and unexpectedly got this plant on Sunday. Hopefully I can be among the ranks of those who grow this plant sucessfully.
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I know Siggi Hartmeyer, the person the plant is named after.  I've also seen a video of it's re-discover trip of this species.

the plants grow exactly in the same area as D.indica does. both species grow close together.
D.hartmeyerorum is in culture since long long years, but under the name "D.indica red" or "D.indica pink flowers".....maybe some have that plant and dont know it ?

here is the link to Siggi's page :
Siggi Hartmeyer / Germany

have a look on the "more topics" page.....you'll find a description of the grow condition of that plant

hope I helped....

patrice c / france