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D gemmae


generally, how long does it take for pygmy drosera from gemmae to mature?
Thanks in advance :Þ
The gemmae of pygmy droserae can grow to mature plants in 6 months under uncrowded, ideal conditions. Almost all of the gemmae I have sown in Dec.-Feb. have grown to mature, flowering plants. Fast growers include hybrids, pygmae, niditula ssp., pulchella, ericksoniae, occidentalis ssp. etc. I have found some pygmies like palacea ssp. trichocaulis to be slower growing than D.nitidula ssp. omissa x occidentalis ssp. occidentalis etc.
I have had gemmae sown in fall mature to the point of producing their own gemmae late winter to early spring.  These plants are real powerhouses, don't let their small size fool you!  My eiricksoniae x pulchella made 720 gemmae from one rosette, and if you count the plants that matured from this in a few months, the count is closer to 1000!  That's 1000 plants which mature much more quickly than seedlings.  The same plant produced over 80 flowers, but they were all sterile.  This makes me question how commercial interests can offer these plants from 5-8 dollars a rosette and still sleep at night!  I hope to be offering free gemmae this fall and winter, so stay tuned!
sup people! ur ole pal ceph is back after the move! good luck with the gemmae. minbe germinate in a month sometimes.
Wow Tamlin, having never tried pygmies, I was imagining something like 5 or 6 gemmae per plant! That's incredible!