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yea, after sending about 2 weeks in the mail, i finally got my D.falconeri (along with a small ceph which was a freebie). i potted the falconeri in a mix of peat/sand. I got it still in the growing phase (i have heard this is a summer domancy dude), so im keeping soil fairly damp until summer. its huge..about 4 inches across, with dark green leaves. Anyother info i should need? what humdity level does it like?
Hey Ceph,
falconeri is a member of the Petiolaris Complex, a group of sundews from around Northern Australia.
I only grow dilatato-petiolaris and paradoxa, but I'll see if I can help.

I don't know if falconeri has an individual preference, but I grow my two petiolaris Drosera in a mix of equal parts peat, perlite, and sand. It sounds like your mix needs more aeration.
Petiolaris sundews naturally enter dormancy in winter, their dry season, but I believe they can be kept out of dormancy by keeping the soil wet.
I'm not so sure about humidity, but mine grow well at about 90%. I'm sure they can grow at less.
I'd recommend you maintain temperature above approx. 80F. They like to be kept VERY warm.

You are very lucky to have falconeri. As lucky as Pyro is to have neocaledonica. And that's saying something!
thanks...wish me luck!

Thank you, I am flattered.


have you tried contacting Sundew Matt or Petiolaris Sean? Seeing as they are credited as being the 'sundew authorities' in the CP circles they might be able to help you. Also, you might try contacting Phill Mann, I think he is quite knowledgable in the complex.

hi pyro. Yea, i did get my falconeri from phil mann. Very nice dude. Im also working out varies deals with Sundew Matt.
Thanks for the link to that piece of information.
I have always thought that the droseras of the petiolaris complex need high temperatures in the day AND night(the latter being hard to provide in my area).
Maybe I will try some plants of this complex, because the conditions outdoors in here in southern CA is very much like that of Western Au. My pygmy droseras have grown very well outdoors, maybe petiolaris droseras will too:)
They sound like good companion plants for lowland Nepenthes.
at pet fly trap they sell two diferent kinds of sundews what does the one with leaves do does it move.