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D. capillaris?

Hi all.  I have what I believe to be a D.capillaris.  It seems to be producing two completely different kinds of flowers - a large, long lived, yellow one and a small group of tiny, short lived, pink ones.

Notice the two flower stems at the upper right?  The bronze stem has the little pink flowers


and the green stem has the yellow flower.


I've got to assume that somehow there's two plants in the pot but I only see the one.  Anybody know what's going on?  Thanks.

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are u sure the yellow flower aint from a utric? i dont noe of any droseras with yellow flowers..but if there is..i want it!
Definetly utric. May be U.subulata.
With the over growth of the moss, you don't quite see the tiny leaves or the grass blade of the utric. Trim back the moss as you can see there's another plant besides the D. Capillaris. There aren't any sundew that I know of that produces yellow flowers and plus look at the flower structure.
The yellow flower is Utricularia for sure, my bet would be on subulata.  As I have stated many times, be wary of this plant as it can (and will) be a noxious weed in your collection, and is especially dangerous to other Utricularia, out competing them.  The Drosera appears to be the long leaf form of capillaris.

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Thats really kewl! See if you can dig it out!
looks like a capillaries to me, but i could be wrong. how large is it? capillaries flower when its small, so...
. it could also be a spathulata. who noes!
Thanks for the info. The pot in the picture is 2" square, so the plant's about 1 1/2".

I'm really curious as to how the Utric got into the pot. Maybe a seed was stuck to a capillaris leaf at the grower's and germinated after the leaf died?

Anyway, what's the consensus? Should I leave the pot alone or try to separate the plants? Should I keep the Utric or is it going to be a pest? Thanks.
you can keep the utric in the pot, no problem. Yup, judging by the size, its a capillaries.
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I had been watching something growing in one of my spatulata pots...it started as just two green "lobes" growing right down against the soil. It stayed that way for MONTHS. Just recently it started putting out new "leaves". I finally figured out what it is...a Boston fern! I guess a fern spore blew into the pot at the greenhouse. I've got to get it out now before it crowds the sundews. A nice freebie.

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I stand by my comment. I suggest that if you decide to continue to grow this noxious weed that you do so with great care. Although it will not kill your Droserae, it can and will spread by self sown seed. It will overwhelm any other terresterial Utricularia or pygmy Droserae species. Be sure to remove the flower scapes immediately after flowering, and never transplant moss from the pot into another. This is one CP I have come to hate with a passion.