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D. Capensis seeds

hi friendly forum people

would anyone happen to know some great growing tips of growing D. Capensis seeds thanks in advance

Moving this to the Drosera forum
Sow the seeds over a mix of damp peat and sand, water it from the traymethod, keep well lighted and humid.
Not sure about capensis, but my binata took a while to germinate... about a month.
I just recently had D. binata dichotoma "small red" germinate in a week, D. capensis "narrow" and "alba" took 2 weeks. It really depends on how fresh they are and conditions they are in I guess.
Would anyone be able to to say when sundew (D. capensis in particular) seedlings start to really shoot out and get larger than, say, a couple of millimeters across? Mine germinated about 6 weeks ago, and are still green and look healthy (when I look at them under a magnifying glass), but don't seem to be growing very fast. Is this normal for all sundews? Thanks...

Growing from seed is the slowest method of propagation for Cape Sundews, but it will give you the greatest quantity of plants. Each new leaf should be larger than the last. How many carnivorous plaves do yours have? My seedlings usually average 1 leaf per week, then they speed up as time goes by.
Statik, I think I see the third leaf starting to emerge on a couple of plants.