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D. capensis invasion

Last year I received a nice assortment of tropical growing sundews. I bought a couple of fish tanks, placed the pots in them, and they are doing fine!

Well, actually there is a problem. My Drosera capensis is doing better than fine. It's managed to reproduce itself into some of the other Sundew's pots. I don't know if it was those pretty flower stalks I enjoyed so much. The invading newcomers are already as big as my original capensis.

I want to save my 'botswana' and 'cuba' from overcrowding. What should I do? Should I try to yank out the offending capensis(shudder&#33
, or would they just grow back from what's left of the roots? I've been thinking I should try to repot 'botswana' and 'cuba', but am scared to 'best guess' where the roots are when trying to seperate the plants.


P.S. Maybe I should just let nature take her course?
I suggest repotting. Drosera transplant just fine if you dont damage the roots in the process. Remove the root ball from the pot, and gently start breaking away the medium from the puter edge, working towards the center. Soon the roots will be exposed, and once the root ball has loosened up, you should be able to seperate the plants. I would gently grip the D. capensis at the base, and slowly tease it out of the root ball, leaving the D. madagascariensis as undisturbed as possible. Once the D. capensis are removed, repot them and replace the original root ball in its pot, adding new medium if needed. Keep the transplants out of extreme conditions and you should have no problems. Drosera look fragile but these are tough plants. Should the D. madagascariensis 'Botswana' die back, leave the pot in tray water and it will regenerate from the roots.
Thank you Tamlin! I'm going to give repotting a try, wish me luck!

o_O as big as the adults already? Wow, my seedling capensis is only an inch tall