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D. capensis, d. capensis 'alba'

Hey I have some excess of D Capensis, D Capensis 'Alba'.
If Anyone is interested, contact me in the several ways possible.

Hey Poophead,

Just a little reminder in case someone hasn't said it recently. No public sales allowed on pft. Private sure, but public they frown upon.
i think he is going to sell them at a show i think right?
Sorry about that guys, slipped my mind. Anyways correct at a show? I am lost... But it is fun, you see more when your confused.

As noted in the trade forum rules. Mentioning reimbursement or setting a 'price' to reimburse for shipping and supplies etc is a form of selling. There have been instances in the past where it was felt some folks were overcharging their shipping fees so we no longer allow it.

Feel free to give stuff away or trade as you see fit via the open forum or PM.


I have gone through and edited out mention of selling etc.