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D. bulbosa quick to flower


In late January I sowed some D. bulbosa ssp. bulbosa which germinated in March. Today I noticed that one of them has sent up a flower. From what I understand most tuberous sundews take some time (years) before they are mature enough to flower, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a flower at this time.


Some species take up to five years to reach flowering size. I find that your germination of the seed is just as remarkable! I have tried various methods, but can't seem to find one that works. Bulbosa is a reluctant germinator to say the least! Congratulations on your remarkable feat, I do believe you have a green thumb!
They didn't went dormant during summer ?
They germinated well ?
They are flowering after 8 months ?

Are you sure that it IS(&#33
Drosera bulbosa ?

Look here fo some pictures in antural habitat :

this is my Drosera bulbosa ssp. major which didn't flower yet :-(

How do you guys have a young, maybe around seedling size tuberous dew go dormant and have it survive? Its maybe a tuberous sundew novice problem, but all the tuberous seedlings i had went dormant and never came back up. Any tips?

Although my plants still are relatively small they appear to be this species. The seed was acquired from Allen Lowrie as D. bulbosa ssp. bulbosa ‘El Caballo Blanco’. I only got two to germinate and one of them waited until summer to do it. The plant that is about to flower (yes, eight month after germination) didn’t go dormant this summer. One nice trait of this plant is that the undersides of the leaves have a beautiful orange color. I also got seed of some other tuberous species at the same time and all of them have grown through the summer too.

Since my plants haven’t gone dormant so far I can’t give any advice on how to care for them to get them to return after dormancy.


Hey christerb how did you do it? what temps were they in what kind of light did you have them in and what soil medium?


Hi Joel,

I used both smoke and GA3 treatment before sowing the seed. Of the 6 species that I sowed 5 have germinated so far; bulbosa, aff. tubaestylis, menziesii, microphylla and platypoda. All are in a soil mix consisting of two parts sand to one part peat moss and the pots were placed (and still are) in plastic bags. The first D. menziesii and D. microphylla started to germinate in late February, followed by bulbosa in March and aff. tubaestylis in early June. The pots were kept indoors until June when they were moved outside. Since they were bagged I kept them out of the sun. When the night temps stared to dip down in September I moved them inside again. D. platypoda started to germinate in October. Temps indoor: between 65-73 d F. Outdoor: between 50-84 with occasional dips down to 40 d F in late fall. Right now they are kept under fluorescent light bulbs. Bulbosa and tubaestylis is under two 30 W and the others are under two 18 W. All the bulbs have clip-on reflectors and the plants are 6-8 inches below them.

BTW, the bulbosa flower opened today. Nice but it didn't open up completly and it had six petals. I still took some photos of it.



all of my tuberous Drosera and all of my t.D. seedlings are going dormant during summer. I even kept pots with Drosera auriculata moist year around and in a cold place during summer and they still made tubers and came back in autumn.

I'm also wondering about tuberous Drosera germinating during summer ? Propably a side-effekt of the gibberelin acid (seedlings of Roridula dentata treated with GA3 behave different to seedlings not treated)

I wish you good luck...
Happy growing

I should add that when I talk about my tuberous sundews not going dormant this concern the species from West Australia. I do have forms of D. auriculata and D. peltata and some of them have gone dormant during the summer, while others have kept on growing. These species seem to be more forgiving though. The D. macrantha planchonii I sowed last year germinated, but they didn't come back after going dormant.