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D. broomensis, D. closterostigma, D. kaieteurensis

Does anyone have any info on these: D. broomensis, D. closterostigma, D. kaieteurensis, D. X thelocalyxiana?
What kind of information are you needing regarding these species? Here is a start, but I strongly encourage you to explore on your own, you will learn more than I offer here.

D. broomensis is a member of the petiolaris complex native to Northern Australia. Cultivation is typical for the Petiolaris complex (think HOT)

D. closterostigma is a member of the Pygmy Drosera species. This is a relatively easy grower under typical pygmy care, but with attention to a dry summer dormancy.

D. kaieteurensis is a South American species, seldom seen in cultivation. It requires tropical culture and high humidity, and is suited for terrarium culture.

D. x thelocalyxiana is the illegitimate name for the fertile hybrid cross of D. burmannii x D. sessilifolia. D. burmannii is a Australioasian species while D. sessilifolia is its South American counterpart. Both are tropical species, and tend to be relatively short lived in cultivation, which I assume is true of the hybrid offspring.

A good websearch with provide you with additional information using the Latin binomial (correctly spelled) along with the additional search parameters: habitat, cultivation, photos....

Photo's may be seen via Bob Z's website at:

Information regarding the type collection and other information on legitimately published species may be found in the CP Database: http://www.omnisterra.com/bot/cp_home.cgi

There is much to be said about each species. If you can be more specific, I can offer more details.

Actually, that was the exact info I was looking for at the moment. Hehe, i'm in the middle of going through a list trying to figure out what my next batch is gonna be.

Thanks for the info, it was a big help.