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D. binata.

I have a D. binata that I have just recently received. It was doing sort of OK until I put it in a 10 gal. terrarium with some other CPs (all potted) indoors under lights. Then it started growing really well. I'm not sure if it was that it just finally woke up from dormancy or if it loved the humidity (it has a lid so it is around 100%). Tonight I took the lid off for a bit to get some air to circulate. When I looked a few hours later the leaves that were starting to unroll were wilted over. Did the drastic change in humididy and temp cause this? The new leaves that are starting to come up still look just fine so I don't think the plant is hurting too bad.

What is going to happen when this thing gets too big and I need to take it out of the terrarium?


D. Buck.
same thing happens to my binata. i think its the humidty.

It sounds like a humidity issue to me. What I would recommend you do if you want to remove it from the terrarium is slowly acclimate it. Try removing the plant from the tank for 1/2 and hour and then gradually increase the time it is out.

Or you can go for broke and just pull it out. I did that with mine, went from in a terrarium to outside. I lost all the old leaves down to about an inch from the crown but I left it alone. It never stopped growing and the new leaves are less lanky, more robust and perfectly healthy.

The call is yours but binatas tend to be pretty tough so don't worry if you flub it a little.

Binatas do not like me! I still struggle with mine but I think they need sunlight. Once it warms up (we're having a cold snap...frost warnings tonite), I will put them outside and see how they fare. For now they are tank-bound.

Where do you Binata growers live? If it's any kind of temperate climate you can leave them outside. I live in southwest Virginia and I bring mine out about april first and bring em in at the first frost. For the winter they were completly out of a terrarium and in fact have never been in one. The biggest prblm about a terraium is the lack of sufficient light so they might not be happy about that.

But like everyone else has said it's prbly the quick change in humidity. Just acclimate them to your house and leave em there 24/7. There's my two cents. :biggrin:
i live in sf, i keep the binata in a tank in natural light. i mist it often.
I was always told not to mist sundews because when water mixes with the dew, the dew would evaporate with the water...

I grow my binata (T-Form) on windowsills or in my greenhouse, where humidity can drop down to 30%.
I will plant soem of them into my new bog garden some weeks later...

they need more light than capansis & Co...