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D. binata

this is the first time I have had a fork-leafed sundew send up a bud

My question is should I cut it off
I have heard that it has an exhausting effect on the plant
could I get seeds if I left it on
or could I make a cutting from the stock

thanks for your help
Hi Jeremiah,

most (all?) binatas need another plant (different clone) to cross polinate with in order to produce seed. I have never gotten seed from mine, so I would cut off the flower stalk and save the plant energy.

the flowers are worth seeing only once and only if you have never seen drosera flowers, they are pretty typical, white in color.

thanks Noah

I have other Drosera flowering all most non stop
couldn't you guys save pollen from each others flowers and then send it to each other? Wouldn't that let you both get seeds on your plants second flowering? Just a thought...
Well, I heard most forked sundews originate from one clone. Depends were people bought the plant, I suppose.
thanks for your help

well I cut the bud of and stuck it in the soil so maybe it will grow

I would let it grow untill it is just about to flower and cut it off...then lay it gently on the soil and put a pinch of soil over the two ends and see it you get a "Baby on a flower, Wondering..." tell us what you do and how it works out
actually I heard of a self-pollinating binata
I'll try to post the pic
here it is:

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Drosera binata flower from the Coromandel, New Zealand, form. The flower is about 15 mm wide. The flowers of this form ARE self fertile.
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tell me if you can see it, I need to know if it is working
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Not all binata are from one clone. There are many varieties in Australia and New Zealand. My Drosera binata var. multifada routinely set seed, and my hybrid form will usually serve as a pollen donor, producing seed with almost any other binata. The hybrid is between a pink flowered pendulous form crossed with the white flowered form. I have seed of this available in case you are interested.
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well I know they produce seed

I got some seed from the ICPS seed bank and I had a lot sprout and they are about 2in tall now

so could they be different clones or would they be the same colne as the parent

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I just cut the flower stalks into 1 - 2 inch pieces and float them on pure water in good light until plantlets form.
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thanks PinguiculaMan

how long does this usually take and what percent sprout and grow

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I can also attest that these plants will set good seed as I have sent out a good deal of it.

I like your idea of floating the stalks PingMan, does it work with older stalks that have been all the way through flowering? I ask because I have one that is almost up and I might give it a go.