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Is D.admirabilis another name for D.cuneifolia? A couple of sources tell me that they are in fact the same.
It depends on who you talk to. I have no experience with either, lamentably. Robert Gibson has said he feels that there is more there than simple D. cuneifolia, although he didn't get too specific. Since my respect for Robert's opinion is as deep as his perception of this genus (and it is deep&#33
, I accept his viewpoint prima faciae, although I hope this season to be able to at last study these species on my own. Dr. Schlauer contends that they are the same species, but keep in mind always the extreme variability in the S.African species, and you will see his point as well. Dr. Schlauer says we cannot be naming every different looking plant as a new species, and generally I agree with his rationale. Robert however, has studied the population dynamics, and this is what inclines me to accept his views. I greatly look forward to his book on the subject tentatively in 2005 or so.