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D. adelae


I have a few plants in flower right now and I was just wondering about other peoples experience with getting seed from Drosera adelae. I have read that it doesn't readily produce seed.

thanks for any imput,
Yes, you need two clones of adelae to produce seeds.
That actually is not quite true (well, at least in my experience). I had D. adelae produce seed once(self pollination to boot, unless a bug was in there) and all my plants were from one plant. Now whether the seeds were viable or not, I don't know. I sent them to the ICPS seedbank, as I had no need to germinate seed when at the time, I had them spread all over two 10-gallon aquariums.


It surprised the stuff out of me when it happened and I cut the old flowers and tapped on the pods and seed came out. not copiuous quantities, but still surprising, as I had never seen seed offered at that time. Very prolic plant indeed.

I was not successful in getting my D. adelae to produce seed. I did try, but it didn't like being selfed. So... I will try again when I get two plants flowering at the same time.

I have plenty of plantlets from root cuttings. Very successful at that.