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Cutting the VFT



Please help me. I need help on what to cut on the VFT. I know plants need to be pruned so loss of energy does not occur. My question is, do VFT's need that type of treatment? WHere and when do I cut the traps? Do i cut it lower by the stem or by the end of the leaf by the trap.
Venus flytraps should not be pruned. Only remove dead traps and leaves from the plant. I normally wait until the entire leaf has turned black and then carefully remove it form the plant.
For my VFT's when a trap is dying off I usually just let it die off naturally as it would in the wild. When I cut off traps mold tends to develop, eventually the dead leaf and trap kinda just work their way into the soil and disapear. I try to let my CP's grow just as naturally at my home as they would in the wild, and they seem to do very well.
the only time I prune my plant is if there is a dead trap when the trap is almost completely dead I cut it off I have never had any problems with mold but do leave the leaf is for it helps with photo......... I would only cut the leaf with no tap when it gets to be covered over by other leaves and really doesn't seem to be doing anything