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Cute little babies! from...


Staff member
Thought of sharing these BABES with all of you.

It suddenly dawned upon me when I took a photo of the capensis root cutting that I also have the spatulata seedling as well as the filiformis leaf cutting in the same pix!  


I want to thank guqin for his gift of this live sphagnum and filiformis. Btw, that grain of perlite is there to remind me to take care when I'm watering...in case some of you are wondering...  
I am glad that the live sphagnum is growing well and is helping you with the growth of the plants.

Drosera filiformis, surprising, does quite well in hot and humid Singapore. Rather odd considering that it is a North American native. I make leaf cuttings of this species every month to maintain some stock to give away later.

Why is D. filifomis doing so well but not D. capensis? Almost all the CPers in Singapore on this forum had experience problems growing this 'weed' at one time or another. Drosera intermedia appears to grow more like a weed for me than D. capensis. I guess we might never know.
I could not discern any of the sundew from moss. There must be something in my eyes, but thanks for the pictures they're always fun. If I had a digital cam I'd be posting pics of my plants left and right. I know how cute spatulata seedlings can be I have 2.
Hey that is a pretty neat pic! Thanks for sharing!

Amazing live sphagnum, how long does it take dried sphagnum to look like that, if ever?
why is your live spahgum so green and mine dark green?
Is yours under sunlight or florescent lights? Sphagnum moss is darker green under sunlight from my experience.
mine is under sunlight...which is better? why is it different?
hey cindy for the ikea green house (50x25) is it ok to put 1 long floresent tube 1000lumens?
is it enough?

im asking you because you said you had the ikea greenhouse in one of the posts,