Cut the leaves or not?


Far too old to grow up now.
Aug 26, 2002
Vancouver Island
Okay, again thanks to everyone who helped me with the confusion surrounding my VFT, and especcially to BigCarnavorKid for the visual (I can't shake the image of a VFT charging along 'octopus' style after a holstien, the hysterical laughter is getting me funny looks)

Now I have another question. I have had it for about 2 months now, fourtunately for me and my plant we are in our rainy season here and the cloud cover/rain has taken care of the hardening off and watering for me. Today I actually took my first really close look. It has about 6 new leaves forming in the centre, which I assume is good, but the older leaves are turning black, is this normal? and do I treat it like other plants and cut off the dying leaves?

T. I. A.

Jun 2, 2002
Yeah, if they're turning black I'd cut them off. If they're green though leave em' be. I go in this order. Wait for trap to start going black cut it off then wait for leaf to follow then cut it off. My plant seems to at least not mind waht I'm doing. Shauntell
Oh, and yeah it's normal.