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Is this plant a fast mover? It looks like the other fast ones, thats why i'm asking...

Is it an anual?
I know where i can get them, so i wanna know before i order...

This Drosera is a tropical African variety, often dying back to the roots and regrowing after a short dormancy. I have no experience with the rapidity of its motion, sorry. If you have a source for this species, I am very interested.
its an south african species that looks somewhat like a alicaie. I really want one and would pay or trade. im not sure ethier about the movement.
I was once told that Drosera cuneifolia was the largest of South African rosetted sundews. I've heard of people having plants reaching 4"+ diameter!

Some photos:


These are not my plants so don't ask me about them

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one of my plants
not dificult, but it has a short growing season. it is from southern africa, so it is a sub-tropical I suppose. not easy to flower for me, usually propogate from root cuttings. speed, cant say it is faster than any other SA sundew.
Does anyone know if leaf cuttings work, too?

The link you give above returns the message:
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The sp. with fast moving tenticles from S.Africa is D.pauciflora, not cuneifolia.
The pic does not look like the cuneifolia shown in The Savage Garden. The lamina of the cuneifolia shown in the book looks much wider.
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Hello everybody,

Statik what is up with your sundews? They looks like they are growing on top of each other. Is that the way that species grows? Your plants are very cool, make me want to go and order some, in fact I think I will first chance I get. Thanks L.A. Trap