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My moranesis fell asleep... what do I do? LOL
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Do you mean your Pinguicula moranensis?</span>
K... this topic has me astronomically stumped..
Wake it up! Try some coffee, maybe some music!

But then again, maybe it's "crossed over." You can go on that psychic guy's TV show amd he can communicate with it for you!

Ok everyone, stay calm. Help is on the way!

Whaa?? Ahd... eh.. umfph.. uh... *tries to make sense of this topic*

Ehph... oof... thinking cramp!! *holds head*
FTG, seeing as Darcie posted this back on Aug. 14, and hasn't logged back in since before the forum changed to TerraForums, you aren't nearly as confused as she's going to be! lol  
Ok... now I'm holy worried..
*taps fingers louder and louder on the computer desk*
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Well, Darcies back so people can get back on topic now. (stop tapping)
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Yah, my Ping. Why are people confused again? And now I don't know if it's actually a sleep or not, but I think I'm killing it. I need help