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Cps in your area...

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Neps, Neps, Neps.........
Thought this would be an interesting topic. Does anyone have CPs growing in their general area??? I've yet to observe any CP in habitat, I imagine it would be an amazing sight.
Yeah I have Dorsea growing in my area but I haven't seen any yet haven't been looking for any but I might go on a drive to a county in my state next to me to see some bog gardens that are grown wildly.
I only find Pinguicula vulgaris here, I think their are some Drosera here but I haven't seen any yet.
I plan on doing my first local swamp mucking this year, when it warms up. I hope to find some drosera, and maybe, just maybe, some S. purpurea. Probably some pings, too. I will definately bring a digi-cam to capture anything I find.
D. linearis, D. rotundiflolia, D. anglica, D. intermedia, P. vulgaris, S. purpurea spp. purpurea, S. purpurea spp. purpurea var heterophylla and many Utricularia all live within a four hour drive, or less, from me.

I have only seen Utrics but plan on searching for each of the listed plants this spring and summer.

I'm starting D. intermedia, S. purpurea spp. purpurea and S. purpurea spp. purpurea var heterophylla from seed I got from the ICPS. If they germinate and grow I will only have to go out my back door to see these amazoing plants.

I live near Darlingtonia californica, Pinguicula macroceras ssp. nortensis, and Drosera rotundifolia.
I've seen drosera and utrics... the place with utrics is unmarked though (there's no 'cp bog' sign)
some live here, but I have yet to see them. We have 3 drosera, 3 or so blatterwort, 1 ping, 1 pitcher and I think that is about it.
S. purpurea subsp. purpurea
D. rotundifolia
D. intermedia
D. x obovata
D. x belenzia
P. vulgaris-supposedly extinct
some utrics
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D. Rotundifolia, D. Intermedia, S. Purpurea ssp. purpurea, another drosera, and some utrics. I doubt there are any left though.
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Pinguicula Vulgaris
Drosera Rotundifolia
Utricularia Livida
Pinguicula Macroceras
Drosera Linearis

I think thats it. I have only seen U.Livida in the wild, i will take pics when my digi gets fixed
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How can U.livida grow with temperate plants in the wild? I never knew that P.macroceras grew with D.linearis(unless they were planted).
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S. purpurea is suposed to live here, but I have lived in the area for 17 years and have yet to find one.

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The closest plants that I am able to view are about 2 hours away. These are Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea, and Drosera rotundifolia. I have some photos of the plants on my website.
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There are many ponds with aquatic Utricularia around here. Seems every park that has ponds has some. In July and August, when they were in flower, I found about 15 ponds, containing at least 3 species (U. purpurea, U. macrorhiza and some I have been unable to identify). Seems like anywhere with shallow water and not much current has them. I only know of one bog in the area with other cps - S. purpurea, D. rotundifolia, D. intermedia, and U. cornuta.
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      The Utricularia Livida, was ahem, mistaken for U. Minor or U. Inflata, my mistake. I have heard that, and seen pictures of P. Macroceras and D. Linearis , im not exactly sure that they are from Washington, but thats what has been said. But U. Vulgaris also lives in Washington State.