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Coworker wants a vine for her cube

Feb 4, 2005
Houston TX
Can anybody suggest a good ornamental vine that would grow well in a typical office environment, perhaps with daily misting?

Something needing only relatively low levels of light, humidity, with colorful leaves and/or flowers.
May 30, 2004
Massachusetts, USA
Hedera helix (English ivy) or pothos will do ok in an office with good fluorescent lighting but they may be slow to vine under those conditions, as would most other plants. Both have cultivars with variegated leaves but this may be lost under the lower lighting. Unfortunately, neither flower frequently.

She's asking a lot from a plant if it's expected to have colorful leaves, vine quickly and flower under low light conditions. It has to be a give-and-take.

Why doesn't she consider a collection of begonia x rex? These have wonderfully colorful leaves, come in thousands of varieties, some flower prolifically, act as perennials indoors, and best of all.....many PREFER low to medium light. True gems of the plant world!