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Couple of ?s



I wanted to set up a terrarium ( 10gal aquarium tank) with a VFT in it. I was wondering if i purchase the plant now at this season do you think it will go into dormacy? Also, I'm confused about the fungicide...do i only use that if i put it in dormacy or should i dip it in fungicide before i place it in my terraium. Last ?....if i accidently over water my terraium..how do i get the water out if there's no holes in the bottom of the tank? I know you really shouldnt water too much in a terraium but just wondering if any freak accidents happen.

Thanks a lot everyone.
I live in texas...so its not really cold yet here.
The plant will not go into dormancy unless you give it the right conditions, colder temperatures, and less light. If it stays warm and the plant is getting a lot of light it won't know what season it is and it will continue growing, until it grows itself out and dies. Dormancy is pretty critical.

If you buy a plant now it will probably be fairly small and you may not have to put it into dormancy this year.

Only use the fungicide if you are getting fungus, or are going to put it into dormancy. I guess if you wanted to you could use fungicide on it to help prevent possible fungal growth, it won't hurt the plant. Have fun
Hey thanks a lot dfalkanger. I plan on looking for a VFT tomorrow morning.
read my care sheet and it should help you on your way . also ,a 10 gallon terraium just for a vft , are you planning on anything else to add in
. i better idea is just to grow your vft in the pot it came in .
Yes i read your care sheet..great info!!!! I'm not really sure..do you have any suggestions  on what i should add
?  Also, is it that bad that i want to grow it in a terrarium?

Thanks A lot!!!
its not a bad idea to grow it in a terarium , but i've heard that vft's have done more better outdoors in the sun rather in a terarium where light can be low , the soil can get really wet with difficulties to fix that , the air circultion is poor . but i have seen vfts that have done very well .but i recomend growing your vft the old fasion way , in a pot in the sun and no hamburger