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Couple of Misc. Pics from the past week, no plants though

Just some random photos I took in the past week:

Fireworks for Canada day, over our local waterfall and the skyline of Ottawa:


And a little Emerald Ash Borer I caught, he is currently in my freezer being prepared for preservation in isopropyl alcohol, for donation to my Bio teacher, for the benefit of my mark...


Anyways, happy Fourth of July, for all those in the USA, or who are from the USA

Really looking forward to see whoever is at the ICPS in a month! Should be a barrel of fun!


You have those awful invasive beetles, too?
Yep! All our ash trees are dead! 60% of the trees in my city, are ash, and they are all dead...
That's not good. Canadian ash is really important to the guitar industry. You think ports would have learned how to quarantine by now...
Sounds like about the same problem we have here in CO, except with pine beetles.
We just got them here last year... Very sad, looking out my window, I can see five or six dead ash trees.