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Coryanthes macanthra

I was at the orchid shop and saw this orchid whos flowers resemble something like a fruit bat crossed with a nepenthes pitcher so of course, I want one! But I have only been good at growing Phragmegenium (spelling?) and would really be displeased to kill big awesome orchid like this one so I thought I'd ask first to see if any of you keep these rather obscure orchids and more specifically if any of you have them flowering/prospering? The only info I have found is that they should be grown in redwood chips so their soil will stay at apx. Ph 3.

Any info or some URLs of helpful site would be appreciated - thanks!
May I ask what orchid shop you found this at?
Coryanthes are from lowland South American rain forests.  Warm and moist.  Off the top of my head they are best grown in wood or wire baskets with a large portion of sphagnum moss.  The inflorescence often burrow through the potting mix to emerge out the side and bottom of the pot.

oops o yeah.. forgot to add. It's Coryanthes macrantha
Warm & Moist - fantastic! I will have to get one when I build the large size lowland tank and keep the Coryanthes in a wooden hanging basket so the flower can hang (another reason I thought this was a neat plant). I don't care how long the flowers have a fragrant smell since it'll be in a terrarium anyway, so long as those wicked flowers stick around for a while!

Is there a certain age/size they must be before they bloom? I can get one in a 7-7.5" pot hopefully this is old enough to bloom!?