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Copying the UK resource thread...

Well, I am jealous of UK ppl, so I"m hoping there is a load of Canadian sites to buy from... I know of two... People, please, post any others you know!!!

Niagara Exotics - http://www.niagaraexotics.com/ They specialize in Sarracenia, but if you look in their previous catalogues you can see seed for a ping... No plants out yet, but lots of different Sarr seed... Good if you want sarrs...

Drosera - http://www3.sympatico.ca/drosera/index.html Not gigantic site yet, but It's good. Good prices. Friendly owner, Chris Fieger. French and English site... Not much else to say...

Thats all I know, and I hope the creator of the UK CP RESOURCE thread isnt offended that I copied... I just thought its a good idea... THANKS!!!


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There aren't a lot of mail order places in Canada, but there are some foreign places that will ship to canada without too much fuss. Cook's Carnivorous Plants (www.flytraps.com), bestcarnivorousplants.com, Lee's Botanical Garden (watch for misidentified utrics!). Allan Lowrie sells a few plants and will ship to Canada.

Oh. And for anyone who's interested, there is a meeting of the Vancouver Carnivorous Plant Club this Sunday, and I will have a bunch of utrics and genlisea there for sale.

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No problem with copying, it's what the forum's for. Hopefully we can get similar threads for a number of countries.
So Parasuco and I are the only Canadians here? Oh well.

For anyone interested there is a canadian cp mailing list that gets sporadic traffic. I think that you can sign up for it at yahoo groups.

If anyone is interested I have a few G. violacea 'giant' plants for sale for CAN&#365 including shipping.
Yea, I found a new source for CPs!!! They have ALOT...

go to www.niagaraexotics.com then click on plants. On THAT page they have a link to somewhere you can buy plants... HUGE selection, but thty only deliver in canada... Check it out dodec!
Tim. He lives five mintues away from me... Caledonia, Ontario... -_-*