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Cooling Idea for Highland Growers

Any good ideas on how to keep a highland terrarium cool without spending a bunch of money on an ac unit? Thanks
A lot of people put frozen water bottles in with the plants.

It might help to have a little more info on your conditions though. What kind of temps are you deal with normally? How big of a tank?
What is your budget?
I have been thinking about starting one and have just seen that the nighttime temperature drop was a big obstacle for most people. Temperatures where I live normally get to 70 during the night and around 80 during the day
Got a basement?
In winter I open a basement window next to my grow tent just a tiny crack at night. Since heat rises and my house thermostat is not on that floor, it doesn't seem to affect my heating bill much. I also bought a Craigslist mini-fridge for $30 that's hooked up to a $20 temperature controller (more precise and another level of protection from freezing) that I put baby highlanders in at night.
I really wish we had a basement. Would make life so much easier..
Thanks for the suggestions everybody! I may try the swamp cooler and see if that helps, but the extra humidity couldn't hurt
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Did this help much with cooling down the temperature for you? i know this is how greenhouses are cooled and that it can cool a room dramatically, but did this small of an evaporative pad do much in terms of temperature of maybe say a tank? Thanks so much