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Cool Pic


caption: ''Goodbye''
Cool. Hay, what does "lol" mean?
That's a fantastic picture there VAT!
lol means laugh out loud, if you look at the pitcher and look under the hole in the lid, you can see a fly.
cool photo did the fly get cought or did it fly awy
The fly did get caught in the end!!!
Great catch!
How long does it usually take for it to digest it? and BTW, they are the perfect thing to get rid of aphids, this one has had loads of them and digested them! I also fed it some egg white, it smells so vile!!!!!
The fly has gone.... where did it go?
Ahhhh! I didn't think that they digest that quickly!!!!
Helup! Helup!
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Yeah, I know
. a few weeks ago I came out to check on my VFTs and my S. purpurea, and there was a grass spider hangin' out inside one of the pitchers just above the fluid!  

  I did not want a spider living in one of my pitchers, so I thought ''how do I get rid of it? I don't want it living in there, I don't want to have to touch it to get it out, hmmmm... I could knock it into the fluid, YES! That's what I can do!''. So I tapped on the side of the pitcher, the spider got knocked into the fluid and voila, problem solved! Then something amazing happened, literally within 5 SECONDS it was completely digested!  

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5 Seconds!
Whatever you're taking, you should cut the dosage in half!
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..or share it with the rest of us
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Mmmmmmm... dosage... do.... donuts... mmmmm.
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I'm not taking nothin'. That is how it happened.

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Dear god thats insane. I think your just pulling our leg. I mean really! A human cant even digest that fast! LOL
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Hi Flytrapgurl,
I think you must mean the insect drowned. Sarracenias especially purpurea produce wetting agents so water surface tension does not prevent water from entering the insects tiny air passages. Also the whole insect does not get completely digested, there will be always the exoskeleton left behind which indigestable.
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Well, yes. When I said It was completely digested in five seconds, I meant everything BUT the exoskeleton.
   PlantsLikeBugs, I am not pulling y'all's legs, I'm telling perfect truth: The grass spider drowned in the digestive fluid, then, literally, all that was digestible of the spidey was digested in a matter of five, count 'em, 5, seconds.
  And yes you are right, people can not digest food that fast. But that is because we have much more complex digestive processes and our digestive juices do not work quite as fast. And we have several different digestive juices for several different jobs, in several different places, like our mouths, our gallbladers, our stomachs, and our livers. Each Carnivourus Plant has only one digestive juice, one place of digestion, and one process of digestion. So therefore, Carnivourus Plants do not take near as long to digest food items as we do.

Thank you.  
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If the acid(more like enzymes) were that strong growing these plants would be illegal and dangerous.
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Hi Flytrapgurl,
I am sorry, you must be mistaken.There is no way the plant would digest the prey in 5 seconds, even Nepenthes would need 2 days to digest prey of that size or more. Sarracenias produce more than 1 type of digestive enzyme and together with bacterial activity in your plant, complete digestion would be longer than 1 week, if not longer.
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Then can you explain how/why mine digested it in five seconds? I saw mine digest it in five seconds. I could not believe it either but I saw it happen. I can not be mistaken if I saw it happen with my own eyes. I am not lieing. I am taking no drugs and I do not drink. If I saw it happen, then how can you say that it did not?