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Container Bog.

I am wanting to put a small container bog in soon. I plan on burying the container so it will be a perminate fixture and will have plants hardy to my zone 5 climate. I saw (what I think is) a perfect container at Target today, it is a 23 gallon plastic tub that stands about 2 to 2.5 feet tall. My question/problem is the thing is made about as sturdy as a decent plastic trash can, it actually looks like a little half sized garbage can. My thoughts are that over time the freeze and thaw of the ground in winter will will be break the tub. What do you all think? What does anyone else use? As usual, I'm trying to do this on a budget so I can still afford to feed my kids.

Also, I'd be happy to take any suggestions as to plants that are hardy to zone 5. I'm planning on S. purpurea and S. flava. I will also put (in the pots) some non zone 5 hardy plants and take them out as temperatures drop.


D. Buck.
Hi Darthbuck

I'm no expert but I just set up my first microbog. I couldn't have anything real big (I have to be able to move it). I thought about those kinds of plastic containers too but...having just seen my container that holds my garden tools crack to a million pieces over the winter...I opted out of that idea. I went with a small round tub that is specifically for water gardens from a garden center. I got the smallest one but they have them in really nice shapes too. These tubs are made for OUTDOOR water gardens so I figured they must be able to withstand freezes. Who would buy them if their ponds split open in the winter? It cost 12.99 but the larger, shaped ones can go up to &#3640-&#3650 and more.

It's only been up for two weeks but in it i have: 1 s. leucophylla and 1 unknown hybrid sarra (5 nice new pitchers coming up!)...2 clumps of s. purpurea (1 new one) and two flytraps and I stuck in a tiny little d. binata baby I accidently uprooted, just to see what it might do. I plan to add more sarras and hopefully some small bog plants. It looks kinda weak right now but, hey, its only 2 weeks old! Will be fun to see it grow and expand the plants. Once the water went it...it got #### heavy!

Take a look at the pond liners and see what you think. While they aren't "beayootimous", they arent quite as ugly as some of those Walmart plastic containers.

Let me know how your bog goes...and grows!

Thanks for the info Suzanne. I'm thinking your right, I should just by the good stuff now and save my self the time and money of doing it again next spring after the cheap container cracks.

You said yours was &#3612.99? How many gallons is it? I haven't looked hard, but the cheapest I have seen are &#3640 ones that are about 30+ gallons.

D. Buck.
Avoid thin plactics, unless marked UV resistant, they will break down and decompose very quickly. Your best bets are like wooden containers sealed with plastic for lining swimming pools. Or the heavy duty plastic containers that are like a quarter inch thick or more. Or course concrete is great too, but it's really heavy.