Confused VFT - Please Help!

Apr 5, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
Hello all,
My VFT is really confused! It acts like it's dormant - has very sluggish growth. Leaves that come up have the the traps die before they develop. BUT, I've already had to cut off the second flower stalk in two months!

I didn't force dormancy because it's a small plant and I've had it for two years - didn't know how old it was until it started to flower. I live in southern California, the weather is about 60F at the moment (it's potted in the house) and it should start warming up within the next few months to 70-95F.

Any advice on if I should force dormancy? Or should I wait and hope spring leaves come up?
Sep 25, 2001
United Kingdom
If you definitely know it's been growing non-stop for 2 years, then yes, I would put into dormancy. I'd spray it with fungicide and put it in the fridge either in it's pot or wrapped in sphagnum moss in a freezer bag. If you go back to November/December on this forum you should be able to find some information.
If you are doing dormancy now, I would take it out in the middle / end of June and give it a longer dormancy later on, say next January to April.